How I Can Help Your Business

You don’t want just any copywriter

I’m a copywriter that specializes in email marketing.

It seems like there is no shortage of people with “copywriter” on their LinkedIn page. Good on them. Everyone should have a basic understanding of copywriting. But, when it comes down to actual copywriting it means writing to sell.

Blog posts are informative, social media posts are fun and engaging, and they all need copywriters.

But, you wouldn’t get your GP doctor to perform open heart surgery, or hire a house painter to restore the Mona Lisa.

I don’t want to get paid to write blog posts, about us pages or social media posts. I want to get paid for making your business money. Email copywriting is the best way to have a direct effect on your business’s bottom line. It will beat all your other marketing channels on sales.

And that is the reason that I specialize in email marketing copywriting.

I have real sales experience

Yes, Boss, I’ve gone door-to-door, cold called people, and managed massive key accounts and clients. “Sales” is not something that is foreign to me.

Your customers can find your website on Google – Awesome. Don’t let them just walk away without getting them to subscribe, so you can close them as a sale later.

The subscribers to your email list are like customers standing in your business. They are on the fence, they need more information, or they just haven’t been convinced yet.

Every email you send to your subscriber list is like that salesperson starting a conversation with your customer.

I’ll be your email salesman!

Getting your website visitor to hand over their email address, and writing email copy that makes your customer value your offer enough to pay for it is what I do.

I’m a good guy who is easy to work with

No one wants to work with someone who has a bad attitude, big ego, or is annoyingly late to meetings.

I’m sure almost anyone can relate to hiring something that didn’t turn out so well…

Not because the work didn’t get done, but because it was a boxing match every time you had to deal with them. Getting to the end of a project felt like going 6 rounds with Mayweather.

I pride myself on being helpful, flexible, intuitive and meeting deadlines. Everyone wants to get things done with as little hassle and micromanaging as possible.

I definitely won’t bend to every whim that my clients have, but I will endeavor to make working with me feel like we are both on the same side, working together to achieve the same goal.

Think I’d be a good email salesman for your business?

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