Ignore These Marketing Sins At Your Businesses Peril

These Are The 7 Deadly Marketing Sins That Send Your Business To Advertising Hell (Dramatized)

Greetings, advertising brothers and sister.

We are gathered here today to give thanks to our digital marketing deities – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Email – And to remind ourselves of the dangers of ignore the cardinal rules of the online marketing space.

Please bow your heads and repeat after me – All-powerful Zuckerberg, we give thanks to you for targeted ads, Facebook pixels, and website integrations.

Now then…

Let’s review the sins of marketing so that we can stay on the path of the righteous and true.

(I’m not sure if I’m taking this religious metaphor too far…)


Thou shall not only advertise specials, but provide good, valuable content to your market.

This one is easy.

Find out what content your customers like to consume and give them more of it. Providing value in content doesn’t always have to be giving away all your industry secrets or special offers.

If all you do is give out specials and discounts, your customers are going to tune out and look the other way.

Eventually, all you’ll have is a good price.

Making it tough to compete with everyone else that has a good price too.


Thou shall not proclaim that only one form of marketing is any good.

I’m a little guilt of channel biased. I’m an email copywriter, you can’t blame me.


Every business has it’s preferred advertising channels that they are good at and most comfortable using. There is nothing wrong with that.

But, it’s a good idea to find out what else is going on in the digital space. Especially if your business is transitioning from offline to online. I know heretics that claim, “Social media is the only thing you need.”

The reality is that you have to do at least 2 or 3 digital channels to really solidify your online presence.

But, definitely make email one of them… Because of totally unbiased reasons…


Thou shall not try to market to everyone at once.

The most common mistake that I see businesses make…

They create their advertising trying to serve everyone. Usually ending up serving no one and wasting a lot of time and money.

It’s a clear indication that a business who tries to grab everyone’s attention doesn’t really know who they should be chasing.

They always end up competing on price, never able to up sell big ticket items, and just generally blending in with every other business that is around.

If you are faithful to your ideal customer, they will take care of you for a long time.


Thou shall not spread your business too thinly by doing too many different marketing channels.

Shiny Object syndrome is productivity and progress killer.

At the beginning of my copywriting career, I had a very bad case. It stopped me from getting anything done because I was like a doggo in a tennis ball factory. Not knowing which ball to chase.

I spread myself too thinly trying to get good at too many things.

It is a contradiction to rule number 2. So It’s up to you to find a good balance of not doing to little and doing too much.


Thou shall not be a copycat

It is really hard to pretend to be someone else in marketing, and the act will eventually crumble.

Be yourself.

Don’t blatantly steal someone else’s ideas. Rather use them as inspiration and as a point of reference.

There is nothing wrong with being you, and showing people why your are special. Your customers with know that you are being sincere.


Thou shall be consistent with your marketing message and channel.

There is no bigger progress killer than not being consistent with your audience.

If you aren’t consistent with your marketing, you can’t expect to be consistent in your sales.

No sales means no money.

No money means… well that’s really an individual businesses specific problem.

Being consistent means that your build an audience and train them to see your marketing message. They expect to see your email, Facebook post, or tweets.

Consistency wins the race.


Thou shall not engage in retaliating to haters on social media.

I can not believe that I still see business owners responding to bad reviews online with a angry relpy.

It does more damage to explain why the customer is wrong, than taking the criticism and knowing whether it’s worth anything.

Just don’t do it.

My goodness golly gosh. It’s just so… blehh.


Stand up for yourself, but don’t stoop to someones else’s level just to make a point.


Well that didn’t bring back memories from Sunday school.

And look at that, not one catholic priest joke.

I am mature.

Whether you are a sinner or a saint, and you need your email marketing to be baptised in some sales goodness, send me an email.

I’ll exorcise the no sales demons from your email list.

And you can get back to doing what it is that you do best – running your business.


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