Discover Why Buying Marketing Insurance is a Sign of BIGGER Problems For Your Business.

Insurance is basically gambling.

If you are unsure that something is going to happen and your buy insurance to cover it, you’re gambling.

Ever play a game of Blackjack?

Did you know you can bet against yourself and still win?

Insurance underwriters are putting together a package for businesses to protect themselves from social media backlash from their consumers.

If I told you I laughed angrily, would that make sense?

Probably not. Check the article out here. Article

Why are Businesses Playing Silly Games?

If you are so certain that your marketing could be a liability to your business that you buy insurance, why are you doing marketing?

Why do you have a marketing budget, team, or even strategy?

It’s not playing to win. It’s playing not to lose.

Would you buy insurance against your sales people saying the wrong thing in a meeting with a customer?

Would you buy insurance against your restaurants’ cook oversalting an omelet?

No – You’d fire the cook and salesperson.

Obviously, the stakes are higher than a salty, unsatisfied customer. All forms of marketing are now on the global stage. Everyone can see what your business is about and what sort of vibes you’re putting out.

In The Eye of The Beholder

Anyone can interpret your marketing how they see fit.

Case in point: Dove with their “racist” 3 second video. #BoycottDove

Of course, Dove never intended to offend anyone. But, they obviously weren’t trying to sell their product to anyone either…

And that’s the fucking problem with gigantic corporations and small business alike.

Social media marketing has become a primordial landscape of advertising Darwinism. Brands rise and fall on the basis of marketing for marketings’ sake alone.

It’s trial and error at best, and blind tomfoolery at worst. Branding, corporate identity, and social presence have usurped the marketing-throne.

WTF happened to just telling people why they should buy your product and making sure that it’s the best solution for them.

Creativity has thrown good sales practice under the bus.

The reason that dove was a casualty of marketing heresy is that it forgot who their customer is. They decided why their customer should buy their soap, instead of finding out why their customers actually bought it.

It’s was also just a logical fumble and contextual oversight.

Marketing is not difficult.

Being creative is difficult.

Making sales from clever and creative advertising is almost impossible.

People don’t buy creativity, they buy solutions.

The Big Problem

The fact that someone has seen an opportunity to make money off business that might mess up their own marketing, is shocking.

There shouldn’t be a need for this.

If you feel like you need to insure your business against a bad social media reputation that could be caused by your marketing team, really ask yourself this:

Does my marketing team and managers really know how to sell my offer?

Or, are they just very good at making pretty ads?

It’s an impending catastrophe if you’ve created a marketing department that can treat your business like a blank canvas, with as much creative license as they like.

What is more likely?

That your customers are a fickle bunch or emotionally soft cry babies, that spend their time boycotting every business that doesn’t cater to their world views and needs.


That your marketing missed the target with your audience?

If I sound biased against social media, branding etc. That’s because I am. Never in my life will I call myself an online marketer.

I’m a salesman. And I’ve spoken to too many business owners who have a horror stories of a marketers that took them for a ride.

If you want likes, retweets, and followers talk to a marketer.

If you want sales, talk to me.

The Solution

I’m definitely not saying you should throw your marketing team out of the window.

Creativity is a good thing in moderation and can definitely turn a boring ad into something awesome.

But, most importantly keep your business on point.

Don’t put yourself or your business in a position that requires a contingency plan for bad marketing. I.e Marketing insurance.

Nail down the buying triggers that get you new customers, and keep your old ones satisfied.

And, give me a call. Hi Will

I’ll help you capture exactly why your customers give you their money. So you can do it again, and again, and then as much as you want.



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