8 Automated Emails That Close Deals For You While You Sleep

Just imagine that.

Making sales while you’re away from your business.

Money coming in on autopilot while you make coffee, plan your next business move, or even when you are on holiday.

Sounds so, scammy…?

I’m going to let you in on a secret. If it sounds like a scam to you, chances are that you are a scam artist.

Automated emails are just another tool at you disposal to provide value and move your ideal customers down your sales funnel.

You don’t have to feel like a crook. You can automate your sales emails and people with still love what you sell and the services you provide.

Here are the 8 emails (in sequence) that you can automate to make your customers take out their wallets and hand you their payment details.

Email 1 – The Welcome Email Delivering on Your Promise

Give them a big warm welcome, and give them what you promised them.

Make it’s easy to access the free resource, downloadable, webinar, or whatever other lead magnet you offered.

Ask them to white list your email address so that your emails don’t land up in the spam or promotional folder.

Keep it short, keep it sweet and continue the context and storyline of why your subscriber gave you their email address.

In email marketing context is key.

Email 2 – Exceed Value Expectations

They have what they want now – the thing that convinced them to give you their email address.

Now you want to set the stage and solidify your email relationship with more value.

Send them something extra.

Make it valuable enough to set the tone of what they can expect from all your emails.

Email 3 – Link To Educational Content and Soft Pitch

Time to take your subscribers to school.

Link them to a blog post, video, or article that will educate them about what you do and how you can help them.

If you would like to, you can give them a little soft pitch. Send them to your sales page.

Don’t make it aggressive.

Email 4 – Agitate the Problem You Solve and Educate.

Now you are going to agitate the problem that you can solve for your email subscriber.

Make them feel their pain, create the desire to solve this problem.

Link them to a video or article that will educate them on how they can solve this problem.

You’re buttering them up for your hard pitch and providing them with value at the same time.

Email 5 – Solve the Problem You Agitated and Hard Pitch

This is the moment you need to ask your subscribers for something,

You have lined them up for this and you need to take the shot.

Agitate the problem they are having a little more, show them that you can solve it, and get them to commit.

Be obvious about what you want them to do. For example, ask them to give you a call, go to a sales page, make a booking for a consultation, or get them to reply with a date for a meeting.

The should be no questions about what the next steps are.

Email 6 – Send them More Educational Content and Social Proof

If they didn’t bite on the first hard pitch email, send them more valuable, educational content and social proof.

Social proof is a great way to shoy your new customers what you can do for them, by showing them what you have done for your previous customers.

This builds trust and makes them seriously consider your offer.

Send reviews, testimonials, and cases studies.

It’s all about proving you are who you say you are.

Email 7 – Send Them an Ultimatum and an Urgent Offer

Now you are going to close sales on your offer.

You’ve played nice, but you can’t keep offering your great deal forever. If they can buy your product later, they will never buy it.

Make them feel the scarcity and the fear of missing out.

This is the final count down.

Email 8 – Let Them Know They Have Missed Out

Send them a heart filled email letting them know you are sad that they didn’t take the opportunity to.

Show them what they have missed out on, and ask them why the didn’t see the value in your offer.

Hint that you might be doing the sale again – But, no promises.

As Easy As That

You can automate these emails and have your new subscribers going through it without ever needing to touch your work flow again.

It’s not hard at all to create an evergreen email sales funnel

But, it’s not easy to write the words that make this campaign effective.

Send me an email and let’s chat about your email marketing and copywriting.

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