Use The Making-Friends Tactic to Grow Your Email List Quickly

The Simple Method Kids Use To Make friends, That You Can Use to Grow Your Email List.

Kids can be, confusing, delightful, short-tempered, greedy, compassionate and self centered. And, they are probably some of the greatest salespeople on the planet.

Your Email List is a Party

Imagine that you are on your way to the first day of school ever. You don’t know anyone.

Because you are super excited to make friends, you decide that you want to throw a party and get as many of the other kids over to your house this weekend as possible.

It’ll be great.

Fun times, lost of laughs, and you can then spend some time with the other kids to find out who you’d like to hang out with for the rest of your school career.

You’ve identified your target market, and they are the kids who like to play basketball during a break. You want at least 15 of them to come.

Now, how are you going to get them to your party?

You need to give them a pretty good reason to RSVP.

Think to yourself, what do those other kids like, that you can provide at your party to get them interested?

You approach five kids and tell them that you have a swimming pool. All kids like to swim. 2 of them say yes. 40% Signup rate.

Then you approach another 5 kids and tell them that you have a dog. They don’t respond as well and only 1 kid says that they are interested. 20% Signup rate.

You approach another 5 kids and tell them that you have an Xbox with the newest game on it. 5 out of 5 say yes and now this is the offer that you are going with. 100% Signup rate.

Eventually you get your 15 RSVP’s and you have an awesome party.

Collecting Emails is Easy With a Great Lead Magnet

As a kid you’re are probably not thinking like this. You are probably not pitching like a sales person either.

It would some something more like, “wanna come play Xbox at my house this weekend?”

Remember the goal is to make friends. The goal isn’t to get the other kids to play Xbox with you.

But, you can’t go around asking people to be your friend. You’re already weird for thinking like a conversion consultant at 7 years old.

The Xbox is your lead magnet. And you’ve found out it works pretty well.

It comes naturally to children to ask another child to do something with them that they would enjoy together. They automatically create lead magnets to make friends without even thinking.

You have to think about your business the same way.

The end goal is to close a sale. But, you need to grow your email list first to move your prospects to the point you can ask them to be your friend… I mean ask them for money.

So think to yourself, what would make your email list grow at the 100% sign up rate?

What can you provide to someone that will make them want to join your email list?

Need help getting your signup rate closer to 100%?

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