Why The Easiest Customer is a Bank Robber

No, I have not lost my mind.

Most sales, marketing, and business gurus will echo a very important message for a successful business.

You have to know what your customers want and give it to them.

This is pretty good advice.


If you are not giving your target audience what they want to pay for, you are probably not making any money.

Again, Obviously…

So, how is a bank robber even slightly an easy customer? They are the diametric opposite of what makes a business profitable. They steal money.

Well here is the thing.

Picture this:

A bank robber makes his way to the front deck of Ye olde bank. He chats the clerk up Oceans 11 style.

All of a sudden, he whips out a sawn-off shotgun and he points it at the clerk’s eyebrow. The clerk is now so confused that they can’t even recognize that their life might be in danger.

What does the robber shout?

Come-on, I know you’ve watched at least one heist film.

Say it with me- Give me the F%$KING MONEY.

There is no confusion. There is no misunderstanding. Everyone is on the same page about this transaction.

Understanding your customers needs

Wouldn’t it be nice when you are marketing to your target audience, you knew clearly what they want. As clearly as the clerk and every other poor soul in that bank knows what the robber wants.

So you see – that robber is a very easy customer to satisfy.

The clerk can satisfy his customer’s wants with supreme accuracy because he understands the desires of his client.

And, if you want to make serious sales you need to understand your client. Fortunately, you aren’t held at gun point by your clients.

But, imagine how easy it would be if you were – your client threatens you at gun point “reduce my business expenses by 1.9%, or its gonna get crazy in here!”

One can dream…

Let’s be serious

You need to talk with your customers. You have to find out exactly why they would want to do business with you.

The initial reason you thought why people paid for your product or service might not be so accurate.

It’s all about having dialogue and getting to know your ideal customer.

Find out what keeps them up at night in regards to your offer.

Really get to understand the pain points that your offer solves and market your product and service as the solution.

It’s the best way to sell something.

Case in point:

The robber didn’t buy a fast car to look good for the ladies. He bought it to get away from the police.

But, if the car salesman had a conversation about the robber’s needs, he could have sold the robber a car twice as fast and expensive.

“Do you really want to take the chance with a 25-year prison sentence with a slow car?” I hear the salesman saying.

The best way to have a conversation with your ideal customer is to build an email list of ideal customers. Market to your email list and start that conversation.

I can help you with that… Send me an email, lets chat…

Thanks for reading


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