Forgetfullness Got Gillette 1.2 Million Dislikes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the controversy surrounding Gillette and their latest marketing campaign.

Have a look for yourself at this link.

There is no other way to say it.

Gillette F#$ked up.

This will be a long and hard road to come back from.

Discounting the fact that a large majority of Gillette’s target market is voicing their displeasure with their advertising, because it is simply offensive.

The marketing effort is just bad.

Where are the days where companies trying to sell something to you by telling you how awesome it is? Why do they think it’s a good idea to become politically involved?

Did they just forget that they are a leading brand in hygiene, and not a political organization?

Gillette sells razors to both men and woman. That’s what they should be focusing on.

Instead of saying, how can we become more relevant and trendy? They Should have said, how can we prove that our razors are the best?

I can understand why Gillette might have decided to take a swing at a different marketing angle.

Content get’s dry. It get’s monotonous.

How many more blades could they add to their razors before they become a cheaper alternative for window-blinds?

It was a swing and a miss.

What can we learn from this colossal flop?

I don’t much care for voicing my political opinions through my business. And, no one else should either if they are looking to get sales.

Unless you are in the business of selling opinions your should, as a business, not have any unless they conincide with your mission as a company.

Imagine your waiter telling you that you should work out more.

What would you say to your accountant, when they tell you how they think you should raise your children.

Unless my hairdresser is a world-class gardener in his spare time, I am frankly uninterested in how he thinks I should trim my roses.

People come to a business for a specific reason. Don’t forget that reason. That reason should be the mantra of everyone before the doors open for the day.

For example:

“We are Bennie’s Burgers. We strive to make awesome burger’s and give excellent customer service. We don’t tell people how they should live there lives, because we are better at making burgers than at having opinions. If you want excellent opinions, go to our opinions branch across the street called Bennie’s Opinions. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they usually stink. So the store is having an 80%-off foreclosure sale because the market is over-saturated with assholes… I mean opinions.”

I don’t think I have ever filled a paragraph with more sarcasm in my life.

It’s terrible to see a company with such a good reputation and pedigree throw away what they have built.

They did so badly because they forgot what they do best.

Don’t forget this

Stay on target. Remember why people want to do business with you.

Stay away from political opinions. At least in your business.

And get people on your email list. So you can sell them exactly why your are the best at what you do, and get them to pay for it.

I can help you with that last one…

I hope you found this entertaining.



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