Give Facebook a Skip. Make Reals Sales With an Email List.

Any business, big or small, will try to do some sort of online marketing. They will probably start where they are most comfortable, Facebook.

If you’re trying to get likes and shares it’s perfect. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using Facebook to do that.

You can put your likes and shares right next to your concrete-lifeboat, soup-bowl made of newspaper, and your rain-coat made from tissues.

Your likes and share are about as useful as the rest of those things.

Imagine a board meeting in which you have to give a account of how much sales you made. You move to the podium to address the room, and you say this:

“Our sales aren’t up, but we got 10000 likes on our last Facebook post. Which is like, totally awesome, man”

Get the car jack ready because you might have to lift a few jaws off the ground.

Maybe I’m being a little too harsh on Facebook and it’s marketing capabilities.

Social media should be used as a tool for engagement, and communication at the top of your sales funnel. It is by no means what is going to land you the waves of hungry customers ready to pay for your offer.

Let us imagine for a second the perimeters of the perfect sale.

You have a customer that is interested in your offer, they have the money to spend, they are already convinced that you are the person they want to spend it with, and you can speak to them directly.

Literally all they need is to nudge them off the fence and get them to land on the spending side.

Now, let’s imagine where we might find this sale.

Will we find it in A or B.

A: A jumble of potential customers that may or may not be interested in your product. Some of which say they like the idea of your offer, but have in no way indicated that they are interested enough to pay for it.


B: A list of customers who are interested enough in your offer that they accepted your request to send them sales pitches straight to their personal inbox.

If both A and B where people siting on a fence, who do you think would be more likely to fall over onto the side that affects your bottom-line?

The answer is B…

I hope you picked option B…

Anywho- Like I said, there is nothing wrong with using a social media platform. Use it to get your name out there and get people interacting with your content and business.

Use social media to move people from the top of your sales funnel to the next rung. Post killer content and use it to get them to subscribe to your email list.

It’s all in the list.

Facebook is for making lay-ups, and your email list is where you make your slam-dunks from the 3-pointer line.

Feel like you could use some slam-dunks?

Send me and email.

I hope you found something useful in this post.

Thank you for reading


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  1. Oh man What would I say? Really… really liked the contentThank you so much!

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