Email Writing Topics. What Should I Say?

So you’re sitting at your laptop ready to write you emails to market your offer to you email list.

The window looks pretty interesting. Your phones low-battery notification is pretty entertaining. Oh, look, the dead flies on your windowsill are arranged in a straight line.

Fascinating stuff happening in your hard hitting, content churning writer’s room.

Yeah it’s a doozy.

Coming up with something that your email list would actually want to read is not always as straight forward as it seams.

Here is what you should do. I hope you find it useful

The Basics of Writing Emails For Marketing.

Keep these things in mind to give you email a little more structure and get the idea out onto the keyboard without having to rack your brain too much.

It will help you stay on target and on topic.

  • Break your email up into the different parts and write the elements of the email in a formula. The subject, intro, body, pitch, CTA, links, P.S. etc.
  • Remember to stick to one idea per email. Don’t go off on tangents.
  • Write as if your writing to one person. Your recipients don’t think about everyone else on your email list, only themselves.
  • Remember why your email subscriber signed up to your list. Give them what they want

What to Write

Turn your offer into a metaphor.

People understand imagery, comparisons and contrasting. It helps to get your point across easier, and people can put themselves into your metaphor. They will mentally test out whether they fit in your narrative.

Tell a story about how your offer solved a problem for someone.

Success stories are always great social proof that what your offering really does change people lives. It also help the customer get comfortable with the idea of having a similar break through story.

Agitate the problem that your offer solves, and then solve the problem in your email.

Really make your list feel the pain of not buying your product. Offer them a situation in which not buying your product would be detrimental to their own interests. Make not having your product a problem for them. Then show them your solution to their problem.

Turn someone into a hero for choosing to pay for your widget.

Everyone wants to be a hero. Wait no, everyone already believes that they are a hero in their own lives. They just need confirmation. Confirm their suspicions that all their choices make them the awesome person they are. Make them believe that your offer is going to help them save the day once again.

Try to emotionally connect with someone with a testimonial.

Monkey see, monkey like, monkey do. Social proof like a testimonial is powerful stuff. People want what other people have. Show them what other people have, and they will ask you to give it to them as well.

Paint them a picture of how their lives could be different.

Show them what the end goal is. Make it really enticing. Most of the time people understand what you are offering, but they don’t really understand what short term and long term benefits it’s going to have on their lives.

Scare them enough with how bad their lives could get.

People are fearful by nature. We really don’t like pain, suffering, or general discomfort. A lot of the time we can’t foresee how our action and inaction is going to affect us. Sometimes you just have to steer people in the right direction.

Use one or more of these tactics to produce content for your marketing emails, quickly and effectively

They work for most industries and can really help you close more deals and get a higher return on investment for your email marketing.

Important tip: If you have to write a few of these do some prep work beforehand. Make a list of topic you want to write about before you start writing. Pick one and just go with it. If you already know what your writing about, writing it is easy

I hope you found this useful.



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