3 Steps For Free DIY Email Marketing

What do we want!? – Email marketing!

When do we want it!? – Now!

Email marketing is not as hard as it seems. Every business has their own way of doing it, and there are no wrong or right ways….. There is only what works and what works better.

This article is not to teach you how to do the techy side of email marketing, but just to get your head around the basics.

How do I collect emails? How do I send emails? What should the emails say? – That sort of thing…

Steps 1: Collecting emails.

You can’t do email marketing without having an email list. The best way to start building your email list for free is simply by asking people for their emails. You just have to decide how and where you are going to ask for it.

Where can you ask your interested customers for their email addresses?

Do you need to ask in your store and have them sign up in person? Do you have a website that you can make a pop-up on? Do you need to find their email address online? Should you give them a call and ask for their email address?

All these options are a perfectly valid way to collect email addresses. Some might work faster than others. There is no other way to build your email list other than asking for it! So just go for it and find out what works.

The biggest question is why someone should give you their email address?

Why should I give you my email address?

No one is going to just send you an email and ask you to be put on your mailing list. This is a good thing. You want people who are interested in your offer to sign up.

Just because someone has found your website or business does not mean they will hand over an invitation to their inbox. You need to give them a reason…

Can you offer something to convince someone to hand over their email address? The technical jargon is – Lead Magnet.

The easiest way to get someone to sign-up is to give them something valuable in exchange. This all depends on your target audience. Ask yourself “what would my ideal customer value?” It could be a free webinar, a coupon, a tutorial, whatever. Again don’t be afraid to test out what works.

You don’t need a gigantic list to start. 1 email address that is interested in your business is better than 100000 followers on any social media.

Step 2: How to send the emails for free.

One by one…

Just kidding. There are tons of free and paid services that you can use. My favorites ones are Mail Chimp, HubSpot, and Optin Monster. All these services have a free option to send emails to lots of people at once, with the exception of HubSpot. But, HubSpot does have a lot of free CRM tools. It might be worth checking out.

It’s very neat if you can get people to sign-up to your mailing list and automatically be scheduled for an email campaign.

Don’t stress too much about automation. All the service providers that I mentioned have tutorials. You can pick it up at your own pace.

Before sending your first email real email.

Get your new subscribers to confirm their subscription and white-list emails from your domain. Send your new subscriber a welcome/confirmation email. This just helps keep your list clean, out of the spam folder, and build rapport with your list.

IMPORTANT: You have to get express permission to send emails to someone’s inbox. You have to give them the option to unsubscribe from your list. Don’t buy an email list, chances are that you’re being scammed or the emails won’t be useful.

How often should you send emails?

As often as possible that you don’t annoy your list. A good rule of thumb is 80/20. Try to send 80% quality valuable information, and 20% pitching and offers. There is no hard and fast rule. Test test test.

The worst thing that could happen is that someone unsubscribes and this is not a bad thing. They would never have taken you up on your offer in the first place.

Step 3: Sending the right message.

Use copywriting in your emails.

I find the best way to learn how to do something is by learning what not to do. Copywriting is a whole other ball game from just email marketing, but they do go hand in hand.

I can’t teach you to be a copywriter, but I can tell you what not to do:

  • Do not use a bunch of exclamation mark in your subject line.
  • Do not use a misleading subject line.
  • Do not talk about yourself too much.
  • Do not be long-winded or waffle on.
  • Do not use large, complicated words unless you’re sure your recipient will understand.
  • Do not attach large files without being sure that’s what they want.
  • Do not attach large images, it might get flagged as spam.
  • Do not Ignore spam laws.
  • Do not send “just another newsletter.”

Here are some things you should definitely do:

  • Do personalize your emails with the recipients’ name.
  • Do use a conversational tone.
  • Do make an effort to find out what your email list considers valuable, and send them more of it.
  • Do ask for feedback.
  • Do answer that feedback with a “thank you.”
  • Do send more than one email offering the same thing.
  • Do try creative or fun approaches.
  • Do optimize your emails for mobile.

To sum it up

Email marketing is about testing, integration, sales, CRM, funnels, and closing customers, but it’s really about the relationship.

If you can send every email out thinking “this is something that I would send to my most valued friend to engage their attention,”you’re on the right path.

Thanks for reading, and just send that email.


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