Do You Need an Email Salesman?

Email Copywriting.

Pushy salespeople who don’t take the time to understand your needs, ignore your problems, and are just in it to sell you something are the worst.

But, it’s a complete catastrophe if the store is completely empty.

No one to even say hello.

Think of your website as the storefront for your business.

When people come to your website and have a look around, it’s like they are pushing their nose up against the glass.

What are you doing to turn those website-window-shoppers into paying customers?

What are you doing to start that conversation?

Why would your website be any different to a physical shop?

If you aren’t getting people on your email list, you’re letting them walk out of your shop without a hope of being able to close their sale later.

What if your website had a charismatic, helpful, customer-orientated sales person to drive sales for you instead?

No matter how big or small your email list is, you can turn it into a bucket of piranhas, hungry to pay for your offer.

But, you need someone behind the counter of your online store. Someone to start the sales conversation.

That’s why I’m Will The Email S@lesman

To Nail Email Marketing You Need:

  • Time and plenty of it.
  • Good writing skills
  • The ideas to create winning email campaigns.
  • Email marketing service knowledge and how to implement them (like MailChimp)

It’s a short list.

But, each component is another hurdle that you have to get over in a day. Let me do it for you… professionally.

You wouldn’t let just any sales person walk up to your customers in your store, right?

So What Can I Specifically Help Your Business With?

If it’s written and going into your sales funnel, then I can write it for you.

If you want something more specific here you go:

  • Autoresponder onboarding/welcome emails.
  • Email campaigns.
  • Cart abandonment emails.
  • Cold emails.
  • Email list cleanliness.
  • List segmentation.
  • Increasing open and click-through rates.
  • Planning and implementing email campaigns.
  • Optimizing email campaigns for deliverability.
  • Building email sales funnel from scratch.

Who Do I Write For?

I can write for most B2B and B2C sectors. If I don’t have specific experience in your niche, I have a customized process to get what I need to write for you.

Also, I am pretty quick to pick up the nuance of an industry and business.

Having said that, it will take me longer to research and write for a very “fact dense” topic.

Law, finance, IT and the medical sector are definitely not something that I can help you with.

But, pop me an email anyway and I’ll be happy to recommend a writer that would be a perfect fit.

What Do I Charge?

Depends on what you want.

Giving out a set price is always difficult as none of my clients needs exactly the same thing.

I’ll be upfront as possible with my prices if we talk.

But, for best results please send me an email straight to my inbox and I’ll be able to quote a more precise estimate.

Think You Could Use an Email Salesman?

Pop me an email straight into my inbox and we can chat about your email copy and sales funnel.

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